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Each week, we light our chalice for the warmth of love, for the light of truth, and for the energy of action.

January 25, 2015:  Cosmic Theology, Reverend Shelley Page, Mary Arnow Worship Associate.  The late Carl Sagan asked the big theological questions of where did we come from, what are we and where are we going. Like many scientists, he pondered the meaning of life as we know it on our pale blue dot. We'll learn from his scientific and spiritual insights as we ask ourselves those very questions. 

February 1, 2015:  Blessings of Our Faiths, Reverend Shelley Page, 
Thom Priest Worship Associate.  Unitarian Universalists often come from other faiths or actively practice another faith tradition along side their UUism. Let's explore the gifts of this pluralism and what it means for your personal and our collective spiritual journeys.

February 8, 2015: Connecting Lives, Sharing Cultures, Stella Ferro, Marjukka Ollilainen, Terrell Clements, and Antoine LeBorgne, Laura Anderson Worship Associate. AFS, a student international exchange organization, was started by American ambulance drivers in WWI who saw too much death. The purpose of the organization is to promote world peace, one person at a time.

February 15, 2015:  Stories We Tell, Reverend Shelley Page, Ernie Perkins Worship Associate.  Beloved stories from childhood can stay with us in adulthood, providing new spiritual insights. We'll re-visit a beloved childhood novel and learn about its Unitarian origins and meaningful messages.

February 22, 2015:  In ? We Trust:  Reverend Shelley Page, Catherine Zublin Worship Associate.  In what do we place our trust, particularly when life challenges us and breaks our hearts?  Let's unpack the idea of "In God We Trust" and see where that leads us.

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